Wire Harness & Assembly Design Services

Wire Harness and Assembly Design Services

Research and Development

Quality Wire Harnesses

For customers who need a new product design our engineering department can provide expert assistance with your wire harness or assembly design. Our engineering design capabilities include CAD-CAM drawings, prototyping, computerized testing, and consulting on design options that increase quality and performance, and lower production costs. If you have a working sample we can analyze the design, reverse engineer the design, and provide a recommendation on design improvements.


Cable Harness

Prototyping is a specialty at Wire Tech. Our design professionals provide expert assistance to develop cost effective wire harness, cable assembly, and control panels. Our prototyping professionals will handle your project with a sense of urgency and work closely with your company to meet your objectives. While your objectives will drive our efforts, we customarily work to develop, or improve, wire harness, cable assembly, or control panel designs that decrease production costs, increase performance reliability, and add value to our customer's business.

Specifically, our prototyping professionals can work with your company on overall layout, wire routing, material specifications, molded component selection, and cost analysis projections. Our ability to reverse engineer a design can sometimes greatly reduce the amount of time required to develop the perfect product configuration.

Wire Harness and Assemblies

Cost Saving Ideas

Our prototyping professionals are trained to create wire harness and assembly designs that meet both quality standards and performance specifications, while paying attention to production costs. Our knowledge of component options coupled with great supplier relationships and refined procurement processes, mean that Wire Tech can consistently find ways to reduce material costs for wire, connectors, and other components.

Call us to learn more about our quality standards and why Wire Tech would be a great supplier for any company needing quality wire harnesses or assemblies.