Custom Manufacturing Quality Processes

Manufacturing Quality

Custom Manufacturing Quality Processes

Wire Tech, Ltd. is ISO 9001 Compliant and is committed to producing high quality components that meet or exceed the performance specifications for our customer's products. We recognize that our customer's brand and reliability reputation can be enhanced by our resolve to deliver products manufactured in a zero-defects environment. We consider our role to be your partner in producing high quality products that help to make your company a leader in your industry. We further recognize the extreme importance of product reliability for critical equipment used in medical fields or emergency service equipment.

Manufacturing High Standards and Requirements

Wire Tech produces wire harness and assemblies that meet UL, CSA, and RoHS requirements. Our production facilities have met the specifications and demanding requirements for products that endure high-temp exposure such as ranges and stoves, vibrational stress such as lawn and garden equipment, and that require safety such as fuel hose assemblies.

Cable Harness

Quality Wire Harnesses and Assemblies

Wire Harness and Assemblies

Our products are manufactured using a combination of automation and hand assembly. All electrical components are factory tested. Our Dynalab Computer Testers are a key part of our quality control measurements process.

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